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Hello friends, today I am going to start my own blog which is named moneyfinderhindi. This blog specialization has been created for those people who do not understand the English term and in our India also the English term is used more effectively. I tell you about a small introduction.

My name is sandesh  Shinde I am from Bombay khopoli. I have been interested in financial talks since childhood. I grew up reading stories of big people like wren buffet Bill Gates and I wanted to be like them and today I am My financial condition was not so good at first but now it is all right till my studies have been done. I completed my M COM  in Mumbai and now I am a personal company of Financial Advisor As you may know, more people than a big company, financial advice is more important. People say something wrong about the stock market. Through this blog, I want to reach those people and invest money for kamana and save them. I want to batana the right way so that he can spend his remaining retirement life very well Friends, our country can become a big economic mahasatta and you can I can take my hand, I have a lot of call messages and people come to meet me for financial and investment advice and I help them, then I got this idea why blogs should be made, people will benefit and this can reach more people. I can become a whistle creature

Friends want to know about this blog that I would like to share my favorite topics such as Personal Finance, Investment Advice, Stock Market Advice and some Banking Things that all of you will like. My efforts will be that a good Keep blogs and good content in front of you, which I enjoyed reading and you can take advantage of it, invest in stock market and buy and sell you Want to know that the stock market is very beneficial for long-term investment and hopefully it will benefit you even when my focus is on top of personal finance and investment advices

I hope you like to stay tune for first article i am exite about It

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